Building a Trenching System

Trenching systems have been developed through the years to perform numerous trenching operations in vastly different environments. Our engineering team have most likely built, operated or at least maintained the most successful trenching systems in the world. This puts Pharos Offshore in unique position in terms of operational experience and know-how when it comes to developing a workable trencher that is going to perform as expected.

Below is an example of a design we have available for development and also a concept through to design and commissioning project that we have successfully completed and continue to support.

UTV1200 Trenching ROV

UTV1200 Offshore Working

Pharos Offshore refurbished and commissioned a 1200HP Remotely Operated Trenching Vehicle in 2015 which has since been contracted to a global subsea construction company on a long term basis.

Under the contract Pharos Offshore were asked to provide a maintenance and operations package that would extend over 3 years. The trenching vehicle will work globally on four major offshore projects in 2016 and 2017 and its current success highlights Pharos Offshore commitment to providing effective trenching solutions.

ITAT1000 Trenching ROV

ITAT1000 Concept

The ITAT1000 is a 1,000HP (745kW) self-propelled trenching ROV that can be easily manoeuvred by the operators on board its support vessel. This powerful ROV provides up to 3m burial capability in water depths of up to 250m. Its interchangeable tooling system provides the flexibility to meet the requirements of the most demanding undersea cable installation and maintenance operations.

The vehicle incorporates Pharos Offshores’ design philosophy of utilising Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components with large industrial user groups to provide reliable, proven technologies which will reduce downtime and project costs. The ITAT1000 jetting system is based on our established jetting technology, applying power where it’s required and reducing inefficiencies where possible.

The system design provides a rugged, reliable and effective tool for the demanding subsea environment. Intended for installation the ITAT1000 has a range of manipulator and tooling options as well as interfaces for all recognised surveillance and location technologies.

Note: The design of this vehicle has been completed. No construction works have taken place. To find out more, please get in touch.