To further support our two additional business areas of Engineering and Expertise, we can provide a unique service package to the client for solving subsea challenges by providing a range of Pharos Offshore owned Subsea assets.

All of our equipment can be provided on project specific terms, or through long-term lease arrangements, in coordination with our Expertise we can offer operational teams to undertake your project requirements from pre-project planning, equipment selection, project execution and maintenance, completing the package with post-project reporting.

Some of the assets include:
  • UTV1200 Trenching ROV
  • MD3 Plough
  • IHC EB Sea Stallion Plough
  • Seabed Tractor
  • ROVTECH trencher
  • Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR)
  • Launch and Recovery Systems
  • SeaVex Mass Flow Excavator
  • Umbilical and Tow Winches
  • Cable Handling Equipment
  • Burial Tools
  • Sonar Equipment
  • Cable Repair Equipment
  • CPT Equipment
  • Rock Grab System
  • Cable Grab System

For full details about what assets we can offer, please contact: