Route Clearance


Pre Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR) operations are a highly effective and cost-efficient way of minimising the risk to your subsea product or trenching system coming in to contact with hazards that could potentially damage your asset.

PLGR operations are used extensively within the offshore market to successfully affect the route clearance of the seabed or a pre-lay trench prior to a products installation. The purpose of the operation is to clear the seabed or pre-lay trench of any hazards which may pose a threat to products integrity, prior to the product being laid.

PLGR Operations include dragging a grapnel along the entire length of a cable route as an attempt to clear the sea bed of debris, i.e. wires or hawsers, fishing equipment and Out of Service cables, etc., which may have been deposited along the route. Any debris recovered during these operations are discharged ashore upon completion of the operations.

Pharos Offshore’s PLGR equipment and operators have an extensive track record. Our engineering team can advise you on the best action to ensure your product’s integrity remains intact.