SeaVex Estuary Power Cable Burial

Combining years of hands-on engineering experience Pharos Offshore Group delivers innovative subsea excavation solutions globally to the offshore Oil, Gas, Renewable and Telecommunications markets using the established and industry proven SeaVex Excavation units.

Operational from 3.5m to 300m with a standard SeaVex and up to 2,000m with the addition of a subsea power pack, our in-house equipment and personnel can excavate a comprehensive range of seabed materials accurately up to 160kPa.

The SeaVex excavators have an extensive track record for performing in challenging conditions and have undertaken a broad variety of excavation operations ranging from a Jack-Up Rig Spud Can deburial project in the Central North Sea to a fibre optic cable lowering scope within the Southern North Sea.

Seavex applications include:
  • Angled Excavation
  • Decommissioning
  • Pipeline/ Cable Trenching
  • Pipeline/ Cable Deburial
  • Pre-Trenching
  • Seabed Leveling
  • Sandwave Clearance
  • Rock Dump Dispersal
  • Drill Cutting Excavation
  • Wellhead Excavation
  • Spud Can Clearance
  • Freespan Correction & Pre-Sweeping
  • Deburial of UXOs, Habitats & Modules