Subsea Trenching Vehicle

UTV400 Trenching ROV

The UTV400 is owned and operated by Pharos Offshore Group Ltd and is a 400 HP Tracked (or Free-Flying) trenching vehicle which is capable of working in the most demanding offshore environments.

Key features include:
  • 5m – 2,500m water depth – standard operating
  • Ability to have Jets surface fed for shallow water operations
  • Up to 300m/h jetting speeds
  • Ability to work with products of up to 520mm OD
  • Capability to work to the full length of the umbilical from the host vessel provided the umbilical is floated & managed by barge boats/ RIB’s
  • Ability to add designated launch system
  • 2m burial capabilities
  • Numerous survey capabilities and options
  • Can come with in-house intervention tooling – cable cutting and recovery tooling
  • Download Technical Spec Here…