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Pharos in UCi Magazine

UK-based subsea pipeline and cable installation and burial specialist Pharos Offshore Group has added an SMD, UK, Q1000 trenching vehicle to its subsea equipment fleet.

The Q1000 jet-trenching ROV has 1000hp (750 kilowatts) of installed power coupled to high-pressure water pumps, and is capable of up to three metres of trench depth. The trencher is operationally rated to 2000 metres, can be optimised for different soil conditions – from clays to sands – and, due to its modular design, can be mobilised into vessels of opportunity.

Phil Walker, Pharos Offshore Group chief executive officer, said: “The acquisition of the Q1000 strengthens Pharos’ position within the offshore cable and pipeline installation sector, along with the TROV UTV400 which has undertaken a full refurbishment by modernising the equipment and doubling the burial capabilities.”

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