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Pharos Offshore’s Cable Recovery Spread Completes New Scopes

Pharos Offshore Group have paired their trenching and deburial systems with a rugged cable retrieval grab to aid the offshore industry with a simple to use and quick to mobilise solution for recovering damaged subsea products and out of service cables.

Two of the company’s Cable Recovery Spreads were sent out this month to work on the recovery of 1x Array Cable within an Offshore Wind Farm situated in the Irish Sea, and the recovery of a section of an interconnector off the coast of Iceland.

The company felt that the cable industry could benefit from a simple solution to resolve common issues and supply clients with a varying amount if equipment depending on requirements, more importantly the company were driven to reduce the amount of downtime for the client by providing a fast and efficient service.

The Subsea Cable Recovery tooling is offered as part of a “Menu of Equipment” so that clients could tailor their own package. Typical items include:

Mass Flow Excavator or Jet-Trenching ROV for the deburial and subsequent reburial of the product; The cable grab spread (configured for crane launch or as a ROV configured unit); An independent camera and lighting system on the cable grab itself to monitor the recovery; Proximity sensors, gyros and imaging sonars; The personnel to mobilise; operate and demobilise the varying levels of kit chosen.

The track record for these spreads has covered 2 x Interconnectors, 3 x Array Cables and 1 x Export Cable. Upcoming projects may include flowlines, flexible pipe and (with the addition of a new-build grab) sections of pipeline; as the company continue to explore new options across the offshore markets in Europe and beyond.

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