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Pharos Offshore Strikes a 12 month deal for the Deepsea Worker

Pharos Offshore Group are in the process of mobilising the newly named DP2 Deepsea Worker with a Work Class ROV, an Observation Class ROV and a subsea excavation spread, ready for 2016/2017 operations.

Aleron Subsea will be Pharos Offshore’s ROV partner during the period, providing a comprehensive vehicle support package, whilst Pharos operates the equipment.

Amongst the equipment to become available on the vessel will be a full Pre-Lay Grapnel Run spread, boulder clearance spread and cable recovery spread.

The company entered discussions with the vessel owners in early February for the vessel, which has become available after her 5-yearly inspection. The vessel, with a clear deck space of 540m₂ and 50te construction crane, will be mobilised in Bergen and re-birthed in the Port of Blyth alongside Pharos Offshore’s quayside storage facility.

Speaking on the news of the announcement, Phil Walker, CEO of Pharos Offshore Group, commented “Pharos Offshore has an excellent reputation within the offshore market as a marine contractor with specialist knowledge, kit and experience. We are looking forward to bringing forward our subsea solutions to the offshore market from the Deepsea Worker and we hope to develop from our commendable track record.”

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