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SeaVex Refurbishment wins Estuary Power Cable burial.

After a 4 week refurbishment of the recently acquired SeaVex, Pharos Offshore currently has a team of 7 personnel manning the Mass Flow Excavator.

SeaVex is based on a hybrid subsea excavation system which is extremely adaptable, compact and controllable.

The equipment houses a large single cast impellor complete with direct drive and torque restrictor driven by a powerful compact hydraulic motor. Fitted with adjustable sized outlet nozzles at the base of the tool it allows enhanced kPa cutting of a comprehensive range of seabed materials.

Each system is fitted with a Narrow Beam Imager for live monitoring of operations.

SeaVex, currently on-board the DPV Supporter, will be burying a live Power Cable section of 100m to a depth of 4m in the Estuary of the River Weser, Germany.

Reacting quickly to customer requirements the system was prepared and shipped within 5 days.

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