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Safety is at the centre of our culture; and this is demonstrated by the way we work.

Pharos Offshore is committed to having a strong safety culture that places importance on maintaining an incident free workplace. Our company aims to provide a safe environment for all those involved in or affected by our operations. Practical and competent QHSE leadership is essential in everything that we do. 

In all of our operations Pharos Offshore actively demonstrates our commitment to exacting health and safety standards. Our Department Managers are responsible and accountable for ensuring compliance with all QHSE policies and procedures. We will always remain open regarding our QHSE performance; developing and sharing our experience and knowledge of successful initiatives when they are demonstrated. 

Policy implementation:

Our QHSE Committee is chaired by our Chief Executive Officer whom oversees all matters relating to QHSE, our working environment and


Safety performance:

We aim for an incident free workplace 365-days a year; and we actively monitor our results and set new targets to drive our performance towards a zero-incident workplace.

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